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The activities that constitute cyberstalking, from sending harassing emails to using social media to make threatening statements about another person, may seem to be relatively harmless. After all, they occur on the internet, not in the real world. They do not necessarily involve causing another person to suffer any type of direct physical harm. They can, however, be charged as felony offenses under federal law.

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If you have been contacted by federal law enforcement in connection with an investigation into alleged cyberstalking, it is vital that you take defensive legal action by hiring a Miami federal crime lawyer to fight for you. Attorney Joel DeFabio has more than 30 years of experience and has defended a number of high-profile federal cases in Florida. Contact our firm to learn how his representation can benefit your case.

Cyberstalking Laws and Penalties

Federal law provides several different statutes that may apply in cases of cyberstalking. One is 18 USC § 2261A, "Stalking." A section of the stalking statute makes it a felony offense to use any interactive computer service to engage in a course of conduct that causes substantial emotional distress to another person or places that person in fear of serious bodily injury or death. The penalty for such an offense ranges up to 5 years in prison, though it can run much higher in cases where the victim does suffer some type of injury as a consequence of the cyberstalking.

Another federal cyberstalking law is 18 U.S.C. 875(c). This statute prohibits the transmission of communication through interstate or foreign commerce when such communication contains threats to kidnap or injure any person. A conviction under this law is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison.

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Defending against cyberstalking charges can be a considerable challenge. For one thing, there is usually a digital record of the communications involved in the alleged crime, thereby providing seemingly irrefutable evidence. To maximize your chances of a favorable outcome, contact us at Joel DeFabio, PA as early as possible. We may be able to intervene on your behalf with the investigators in an effort to resolve the situation with a minimum of negative consequences for you.

Even if you have already been charged with the crime, we can still seek to clear your name by raising reasonable doubts concerning the strength of the evidence.

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