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"Internet sex crimes" is an umbrella term that encompasses a number of different criminal offenses. With this charges, it is alleged that the accused used the web to partake in or facilitate illegal sexual activity. There are state laws that prohibit these actions, but because these alleged offenses are often large in scope and involve interstate and international communications, federal authorities often step in to prosecute the accused.

If you are facing federal charges for allegations of Internet sex crimes, then we invite you to contact Joel DeFabio, PA. Attorney DeFabio has over three decades of legal experience and, over that time, has built a reputation as one of the most premier federal crime lawyers in Florida. It doesn't matter how complex or high-profile your case might be, our firm has the experience and resources to ensure that best possible outcome is decisively secured.

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Types of Internet Sex Crimes

"Internet sex crimes" is generally defined by any use of the web to assist in the facilitation of a sexual offense. These offenses are sometimes completely contained within the online activity of the accused and, in other cases, involve arranged, future in-person activity or the transmission, sharing, or sale prohibited digital media.

Commonly charged Internet sex crimes include:

  • The possession of child pornography
  • The distribution of child pornography
  • The sexual exploitation of minors (producing child porn)
  • The solicitation of minors (chat rooms, scheduled meetings, etc.)

All of these offenses are considered serious crimes that can come with crippling fines and potentially life-changing prison sentences. Like state enforced sex offenses, they also come with required registration of a sex offender. These harsh realities are why it is so crucial to retain proven and dynamic defense counsel to counter this allegations. At our firm, Attorney DeFabio has navigated more than 300 federal cases. Our clients can always rest assured that every avenue towards an acquittal or reduction will be aggressively explored to its fullest extent.

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