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Tax Evasion Is a Felony Criminal Offense

Nobody likes paying taxes and seeing a large percentage of his or her personal or business income go to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Unfortunately, as the saying goes, nothing in the world is certain except for death and taxes. Many people, however, do get away with cheating the system by underpaying on their tax returns or by not paying at all. The IRS has only limited resources for tracking down and punishing tax evaders, and a large percentage of violators are able to slip through the cracks.

Penalties for Tax Evasion in Miami

If you have been notified that you are under investigation for alleged tax evasion, you need to arm yourself with an effective legal defense, since the fact that the IRS has turned its focus on you means that you are at risk of being subjected to harsh penalties. Tax evasion is not merely a civil offense. It is a felony, punishable by up to $250,000 in fines and 5 years in federal prison.

The crime of tax evasion is covered in Internal Revenue Code § 7201, "Attempt to Evade or Defeat Tax." It involves any willful attempt to evade or defeat any tax which has been imposed on one, or to avoid making payment for such taxes. Tax evasion may be charged in cases of understatement of income, claiming false deductions, concealment of assets, providing misleading information on the return, underpayment of tax liabilities and more. While many people who are guilty of tax violations such as these, the IRS reserves its limited prosecutorial resources for only a small percentage of offenders in any given year.

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As a result, those who are targeted with prosecution are greatly at risk of being convicted. In fact, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division has never dropped below a 90-percent conviction rate in the nearly 100 years since its inception. Don't wait to hire a Miami federal crime attorney to represent you with the authorities and fight to clear your name. Contact us at Joel DeFabio, PA now for a free case evaluation.

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