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Conspiracy Cases in Miami

Explanation of Federal Conspiracy Charges

You most likely never expected that you could find yourself being arrested, charged and prosecuted for merely planning to commit a crime. In all probability, you have until now assumed that you would not get into trouble with the criminal justice system unless you actually moved forward to break the law.

The fact is that this simply is not the case. Under certain circumstances, you can be charged with the federal criminal offense of conspiracy if you are accused of planning with others to commit a crime. When this happens, you need a hard-hitting Miami federal crime lawyer who can represent you with law enforcement and fight to defend you against the harsh consequences of a conviction.

The federal statute on conspiracy is Title 18 USC § 371. This law makes it a felony to agree with one or more other people to commit a crime against the United States or to defraud the United States, provided that at least one party to the conspiracy commits some overt action to carry out the plan.

It is not necessary to prove that there was a written agreement, and in fact it is not necessary to establish that the members of the conspiracy ever met or knew one another. Provided that they were aware of the fact that the others were planning to commit the crime, the parties may be charged with conspiracy.

Penalties for Federal Conspiracy

Federal prosecutors often file conspiracy charges against anyone and everyone whom they can find to be involved with a criminal activity. A common example is in cases of drug trafficking when not only are the key players prosecuted but also people who are on the fringe of the trafficking operation.

In such cases, the goal may be to compel the lesser players to cooperate with investigators by providing testimony in exchange for a lighter sentence. The maximum penalty for a conspiracy conviction is up to five years in prison, though in cases where the underlying crime is a misdemeanor the punishment is limited to the maximum sentence for the misdemeanor offense.

Let a Miami Federal Conspiracy Lawyer Fight for You

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your only option for handling conspiracy charges is to cooperate with law enforcement and try to get a favorable plea bargain. By hiring a dedicated criminal defense lawyer, you may be able to achieve a far better outcome to the case.

For example, your attorney may be able to secure an acquittal or dismissal of the charges by pointing to the fact that there is not enough evidence that you actually participated in the alleged conspiracy. Even if it is not possible to clear your name, your lawyer may still be able to negotiate a far more favorable plea bargain than what you would receive otherwise.

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